Occurrence CSV Importer
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1.0.0 - Venture Event Occurrence Importer: Initial Release
Release Date: May 19, 2017
Highlighted Changes
  • GeneralMass import data for hundreds, even thousands, of event occurrences across one or multiple events.
The user-friendly importer is designed to save you dozens of hours of labor and turn an otherwise dull, yet crucial task, into a breeze. All you need to do is create the event(s) then use the importer to add all of the respective occurrence values. A dedicated import admin panel provides a handy copy of the CSV template along with an equally handy list of all your venue IDs, which you’ll need to make sure the correct venue is assigned to each imported occurrence.  


  • Import any number of event occurrences in a single CSV file
  • Sample CSV file included so there’s no need to worry about using the correct formatting.
  • Import values to every occurrence field
  • Set import to append or replace existing occurrence data.
  • All of your Venue IDs are automatically listed on the import admin panel for convenience.
  • Format friendly interface allows you use to one or two-digit date formats.

Provided Import Fields

  • Event ID
  • Occurrence Date
  • Occurrence Start Time
  • Occurrence end Time
  • Ticket 1 Price From (optional)
  • Ticket 1 Price To (optional)
  • Ticket 1 Purchase URL (optional)
  • Ticket 1 Button Text (optional)
  • Ticket 2 Price From (optional)
  • Ticket 2 Price To (optional)
  • Ticket 2 Purchase URL (optional)
  • Ticket 2 Button Text (optional)
  • Occurrence Note
  • Venue ID