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1.0.0 - Logos: Initial Release
Release Date: March 30, 2018
Highlighted Changes
  • Generalan advanced add-on for managing and assigning image and text based logos to individual events.
  • Creates a new event taxonomy metabox inside single event admin panel to assign logo groups.
  • New logo taxonomy allows users to upload image or assign free form text as logo
  • User defined logo display height.
  • Set custom URL for click target (including "none").
  • CSS has been provided to make logo layout presentable out-of-the-box. Everything has a clear set of class names to make applying new CSS easy.
  • All the logos appear in a div, floated left. The container div automatically clears floats on closure, so it'll play nice with stuff above and below it.
  • Right and bottom margins are 16px, so when it wraps, they will still be spaced nicely.
  • It handles all four combinations of supplying a logo image or not and a link URL or not. So your "logo" that is just a sponsor name will stay play nice.
  • Text-only logos position the text center aligned, vertically and horizontally, using the default CSS.
  • Set global click targets: same window/tab or open in new window.
  • Logos have their own layout element to be placed in single event or lists.