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1.0.0 - Automated Event RSS Email Campaigns: Initial Release
Release Date: March 30, 2018
Highlighted Changes
  • GeneralVenture’s Automated Event RSS Email Campaigns Add-on is the most powerful event automation email marketing tool available.
It provides a 100 percent automated solution for all of your upcoming and recently added event email campaigns and provides a nearly limitless ability to customize the types of campaigns to offer patron subscribers.

A Perfect Solution For Improving Marketing Performance

It’s a single ticket sales force multiplier in that it allows you to routinely and automatically reach hundreds, or even thousands, of potential ticket buyers without doing a second of additional work. This regular contact via unobtrusive notices will help keep your events on the ticket buyer’s mind and increase single ticket conversion. You’ll earn more revenue on every ticket sale and boost marketing performance thanks to combining reduced marketing expenditures with lowered work hours.

Plays Nice With Others

The plugin is designed to work seamlessly with MailChimp, but it can work with most email marketing clients that provide the following functionality:
  1. Create RSS campaigns that will be automatically delivered to subscribers at prescribed day/time each week.
  2. Allows users to modify the CSS for each respective RSS campaign.
If you want to know whether or not this will work with your email marketing client, just ask.

Limitless Flexibility

  1. Create as many custom event RSS feeds that you want by indicating which event Categories, Venues, and Seasons.
  2. 100 percent point and click user interface.
  3. A drag and drop interface allows you to customize which event items appear in each email campaign; three separate title fields, event image, custom field data, and date/time, venue, address, custom notes, ticket prices, and direct ticket purchase URL/link.
  4. Edit or delete existing feeds at any time and the changes are automatically synced with your respective email marketing client RSS campaign.
  5. Include custom content alongside the automated material within one or more email campaign.

Sample Uses

  1. Let subscribers sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly notices for one or more event categories; in fact, you can set the precise number of days in the notification schedule for each custom RSS campaign.
  2. Create daily “what’s happening today” campaigns.
  3. Create special categories for season announcement event info.
  4. Boost added value for memberships by crafting member-only event RSS content that pushes through new info to members ahead of general releases.


  1. I’m new to RSS campaigns, how are they different from regular e-blasts? A. Unlike traditional e-blasts, which are created on a per use basis, RSS campaigns are designed to deliver event content from your site and send it as an email newsletter to your subscribers. Automagically.
  2. Can subscribers sign up for notices that include specific event categories or do they have to subscribe to notices for all events? A. Both! You can create one giant all-encompassing event RSS campaign or break them into an a la carte solution that lets subscribers pick one or more event categories. You can even create readymade category groups if desired, that’s just how extensible the solution is!
  3. Are there any limitations to graphic design? A. Only in what is enforced by the respective email marketing provider. Moreover, most providers strongly recommend maintaining websafe typography and styles plus you may incur additional fees from third party providers for licensing items like custom fonts and/or images. Be certain to check those providers before implementing any designs.